Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hausfrau's Lonely Lunch

Herr Welle has been traveling on business since Wednesday. And right now he is enjoying Tallinn with his friends.

So, this means that I've been home alone with Fräulein for a few days.

I must admit that I'm quite lazy when it comes to shopping for groceries. We usually go shopping on Saturday and buy food for several days. During the work week, I might pop into a store with Fräulein if we happen to be close by, or Herr Welle does some shopping on his way from work (our local Rewe is open until 10pm...).

But this week I haven't passed by a grocery store and our fridge has become quite empty. But like a good Hausfrau, I always have some ingredients there for a quick lunch (hey, don't laugh!).

I'm a bit embarrassed to show you this, as so many blogs are full of great recipes for wonderful dishes. But, anyway, here is what I made for lunch today.

The spring onions had definitely seen their best days,
but I was lucky to save some fresh parts.

Frying the onions and some ham.

Adding some eggs, cheese, milk and black pepper.

Better than frozen Flammkuchen!
An unrelated question: why don't they sell ice tea in Finland?

Herr Welle on ollut reissussa keskiviikosta asti, joten jääkaappimme alkaa olla aika tyhjä. Onneksi sain vielä taiottua sieltä lounasaineet.
Mutta miksi Suomesta ei saa jääteetä? Ainakaan isoissa pulloissa.

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citymami said...

Kyl täältä saa jääteetä isoissa pulloissa.
Lidlistä ;)