Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Worst Online Shopping Experience

I must say that I have done quite a bit of shopping online. Expect for the hideous website of Ryanair, I haven't really had bad experiences. Until a couple of weeks ago.

Photo by Fräulein

I came across this nice bodysuit for babies with "My mom is blogging this" print. As our goddaughter, who's mother also writes a blog, was to turn 18 months old, I thought I would buy her one.

The bodysuit was by CafePress. I first went to their English web site, but as I was browsing there, I was suddenly thrown to their German page, loosing all product details I had found so far.

The web page didn't look very user friendly. Most of the links were marked with a question mark. And as I was trying to make the purchase, there was no link for me to go forward...

I have now realized that I should have just gone directly to address instead of the, where I was thrown to. At the time, I thought these usability issues were due to Safari browser and used Firefox instead.

As the delivery costs were very high (8 euros!) I decided to buy two bodysuits, one for Fräulein, too. They had a size chart to help choosing the right size of clothing, but the measures were, well...

2 * 26cm = ... 64cm ?

Well, I decided to buy two with the size 18-24months. The cost of my purchase was stated to be 40 euros. I payed with PayPal, but after clicking 'OK', the sum was suddenly 41€! Well, one euro is not much, but I don't think it is a very good practice to increase the cost after you have made the purchase.

To their credit, the products were delivered within the time they had promised and the quality seemed to be OK. Although the size 18-24months is a bit short for 17-months-old Fräulein...

But yes, her mom is definitely blogging this!

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citymami said...

After this we appreciate the gift even more :D
Although it would be very exciting to find out where the shop really is IRL and who's running it.
Wanna Join me ;)?