Friday, April 13, 2012

Playground Review Part 2 - Wiesbaden Mitte

Now that the days are longer, it seems to be a good time for my second review of playgrounds in Wiesbaden. As you can see from the pictures, I've been gathering the material for a couple of months...

This time I'll take a look at the playgrounds downtown. Like in Part 1, I'll consider the playgrounds from the perspective of a one-year-old child and give them up to five cookies based on the equipments and surroundings.


The playground at Kochbrunnenplatz is very conveniently located, but also very crowded. Thus it is not the best playground for small children.

Sunday afternoon rush
The equipment of the playground:
- Roundabout
- Sandpit
- Spring rider
- There has also been a swing, but last time we visited this playground, it was taken out for some reason.

- Junglegym with slide for older children

KLEINER KURPARK (Frankfurter Straße)    

A nice and cozy playground for small children.

- Jungle gym made of robes (a bit too demanding for a one-year-old)

- Sandpit
- Swing suitable also for small children

- Roundabout

BLUMENWIESE (Parkstraße, Kurpark)   

This playground is also cozy and quiet, but the equipments are not the best for a small child.

- Jungle gym, which is very demanding, with
- Slide, which has a very high drop at the end of it

- Slide, which is so wide that small children cannot reach the handles

- Sand
- Two swings
- Spring rider


If this playground would have either a baby swing or a roundabout in addition to the current equipment, we would definitely visit it more often.

- Swings

- Jungle gym
- Spring riders

- Two slides


- Baby swing, this was actually the first playground in Wiesbaden, where we found one!
(Since then, I have found one from the Fasanerie as well.)

- I'm not sure what to call these things shown in the picture below, but they were nice for a small child anyway

- Jungle gym made of robes

- A lot of benches, which Fräulein loves

- Roundabout; if only this had been suitable for small children, this playground would have received five cookies from us!

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