Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Do.

It was two years and two days ago, when we stood there, Herr Welle and me.

The only thing I was not happy with that day was that
I had forgotten to tell the caterer not to place
any hideous figure on top of the wedding cake.
So I guess the day was pretty much perfect.

One could think that we would have had some sort of celebration on Tuesday.
Instead, we ate lasagna. Home. Separately.

No, it wasn't because we didn't feel like celebrating. But Herr Welle had a long day in the office and I was babysitting Fräulein's friend that afternoon. In the evening, we quickly made some dinner and took Fräulein to bed.

Lately, it has taken veeeryyy long for Fräulein to fall asleep. So, Herr Welle had his dinner first, then he continued as Fräulein's company and it was my turn to eat.

By the time I had eaten, it was 11pm. And both Fräulein and Herr Welle were asleep.

I love this photo.
Unfortunately Herr Welle had his eyes closed
(and a sack over his head),
so we weren't able to use it as our official wedding photo.

Tomorrow we will get visitors from Finland, so hopefully Herr Welle and I can sneak out during the weekend to celebrate the anniversary properly.
Yes, I do want to celebrate.

Tiistaina oli kaksivuotishääpäivämme. Juhliminen jäi olemattomaksi, sillä ilta kului Fräuleinin nukkumaanlaittopuuhissa. 
Mutta huomenna saamme Suomi-vieraita, joten toivottavasti pääsemme juhlistamaan päivää jälkikäteen.


fiona said...

What a handsome chap! Loving the sack!

Frau Dietz said...

Happy anniversary!! You look gorgeous, but I hope you didn't get any sack fibres in your mouth during the "you may now kiss the bride" moment.

manycoloured-days said...


citymami said...

Toi pussi on ihan paras :D!!
AKu itse asiassa muisti tein hääpäivän, joten isot onnittelut :)
Se oli iso päivä mullekin :) - siis koska oli kaaso :)!

Frau Welle said...

Thank you all for your comments! :)
And Frau Dietz, although Herr Welle is a bit shy, he was able to take the sack of for that part :D